Friday, June 05, 2009

Ava and her Daddy | Mornington family photography

Look at that gorgeous happy smile. Mwah.

{So did you miss me?} Gee there are some viscious bugs around at the moment. This time a week ago I'd just fallen in a heap. At 12noon I was fine. By 1.30 I'd coughed a few times. By 3pm I had to have a little 'nanna nap' and by 5pm I knew it was going to get bad. I never really get sick, but this one - boy it whiped me out for a whole week. I ended up with mastitis again, plus a flu/cough/chesty thing (no not swine flu), then an ear infection which caused my eardrum to burst! So I'm still unable to hear anything except for the deafening ringing in my ear. I'm falling apart I tell you LOL. Three kiddo's and I'm falling apart ;) Amelia's still pretty snuffy and she's on antibiotics for her chest too, but she's ok. Our kitchen looks like a pharmacy, and I've had to draw up a chart to remember who has to have what medicine at what time. LOL But pitty party over. We're getting better now. So... back on track, and leaving you tonight with a piccie of sweet little Ava and her daddy. I just adore this one.

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