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Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Charlie [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula child photography]

The first time I met Charlie, she was a tiny, tiny little bundle, just a few weeks old. I still remember being struck by Kate's way with her. She was so, so loved and cherished. It was so obvious she was such a long awaited dream for her parents. She had the biggest blue eyes and creamy skin back then, and not much has changed there - just the addition of delicious golden curls. Each year Kate and Shane have bought Charlie back to me for her photos, and I always remember because it's always the same weekend as Liam's birthday. I just love watching these babies grow up, and capturing their growing personalities each year. This year (well last year now - I'm still catching up!) that weekend came and went, and I actually did think, perhaps they're not coming this year LOL But alas, amongst the pre Christmas chaos that swamps everyone I got an email from Kate, for Charlie's photos. And I'm ever so glad.

Kate and Shane, you have the most beautiful little girl. Thank you for choosing me to capture her gorgeousness year after year, it really is a privilege and a joy xx

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chris & Christie [Mornington Peninsula wedding photographer]

I first met Christie a few years ago through scrapbooking (back when I had time to scrapbook!), but I hadn't met Chris until just before their wedding day. Together they are such a beautiful couple. Fun, down to earth, in love and so warm and friendly. And did I say fun? Their wedding day was so perfectly them and I had so much fun capturing all of the special moments and details. The weather was perfect (although maybe a touch too sunny at times) and Christie just radiated with joy all day.

To save time between the ceremony and reception, Chris and Christie decided to have some formal portraits done before the ceremony. After spending some time with the girls getting ready, I headed off to the Briars to photograph the boys. Once the boys were back on the road, the girls had the all clear to come in, and we had a ball capturing some stunning photos of Christie - and her beautiful bridesmaids of course. We then headed off to Manyung Gallery at Mt Eliza for their ceremony and reception. It's such an honour to be invited along to capture the love and commitment between such a gorgeous couple ~ thank you both xx.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Connor & Laura [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula family photographer]

After being rained out on our first attempt, I finally managed to meet up with this gorgeous family to capture some updated family photos for them. Connor and Laura are both the sweetest children. I loved spending the afternoon with them and capturing some gorgeous images of this moment in their lives.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Day 31 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula family photography]

Proof that she only smiles 99% of the time.
Poor little darling. You can feel her pain can't you :(

:: Yeahaaaaa I made it through all 31 days!! All be it, a little late. Hope you enjoyed the little peek into our lives (well mainly Amelia's life) over January::

We'll be resuming regular programming now, as I have a stack of sessions I've been waiting to blog. (I like to keep things in order). So check back often and feel free to leave some blog love. I love reading your comments and I'm sure Amelia will love to read her PAD comments in the future too :)

Day 30 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula baby photographer]

Because she was born before her sucking reflex had developed, she was given a dummy in hospital to encourage sucking. About a week after we got her home she decided she didn't like the dummy after all and has never taken once since, preferring to suck her fingers. The last few weeks her teeth have been giving her terrible grief though, and in desperation I raided the dummy box I still had in the pantry. I gave it to her and she actually sucked it one night until she fell asleep. Since then she's just loved to chomp on it. It's quite funny to look at her a year on chomping on that dummy, which once covered a good portion of her little face.

Day 29 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula family photography]

"Elmo loves you baby!"
"You're Elmo's sweetheart!"
Millie loves the Elmo Nanny and Poppy gaver her for Christmas.

Day 28 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula baby photographer]

Someone found big brothers chocolate biscuit.
Someone is pretty pleased with themselves!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Day 27 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula baby photographer]

Amelia is crazy easy. Seriously easy. Just like her brothers. She is ALWAYS happy, ALWAYS smiley. Anyone walks in the room and she smiles. She'll happily be handed around to anyone. She'll sleep where ever we happen to be when she needs to sleep, and she'll eat what ever is going. She has 8 teeth already, and we would hardly notice that she had been teething. She went to bed one night, and woke up the next day with a tooth. BUT... she's cutting her molars and eye teeth all together and just like her brothers did, she's struggling with it. The past few nights she's gone down to bed at 7.30pm, but by 10.30 she's back up again, inconsolable. No amount of patting, rocking, feeding or anything else I could think of tonight was going to help. So, exhausted myself I handed her over to Daddy. And at least for tonight, it seems he had the magic touch. About 5mins after him taking over he called me out to the lounge, where I was greeted with this site. Exhausted, out cold, curled up half on the floor and half on a couch cushion the boys had thrown off the couch. Surrounded by the mayhem that is my loungeroom floor of an evening, there she lay. Utterly relaxed and so peaceful. And once again, my heart melted.

Day 26 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula baby photography]

Australia Day. We had a quiet day at home, which felt really odd to us, as we always have things on, but we were still in recovery mode from Amelia's birthday. At night we headed down to the beach to watch the fireworks, but I didn't take the camera as I just wanted to enjoy the time with the family. So here's a pic of little miss, camped out in the shade watching us work in the garden.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Day 25

Playing in her bedroom with birthday toys. Her room is Ethan's old room and there is just something about it that I just love. It's such a peaceful room to sit in (and it has the best rocking chair for inducing sleep - for both of us).

Monday, February 01, 2010

Day 24 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula baby photographer]

Day 24.
24th January 2010.
As of 6.26am she's officially a one year old.
Now although I've kept all of my Photo-A-Day photos to just one black and white landscape image, I just had to break the rules for today.
Happy birthday sweetheart. Our amazing little miracle. xx

Day 23 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula baby photographer]

Millie just loves the shower. I think she's actually had more showers than baths in her short little life. She's happy whether she's in there on her own, or with her brothers. She loves to pat the wet floor isn't at all bothered by the water dripping all over her face. I'm quite glad she's such a water baby seeing as she's still commando crawling, she ends up FILTHY by the end of the night.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 22 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula family photography]

Standing on the deck watching her brothers bounce away on the trampoline. She squeals excitedly at them and they giggle like crazy right back at her.

ETA: Gosh she looks like Brett here!!

Day 21 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula family photographer]

Reading :)
She loves to flip the pages of her books (and if she can get her hands on them, she REALLY loves to rip the pages of her brother's books). I love it when something on the page catches her attention and she points her chubby little finger out to ever so gently touch it.

Day 20 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula Baby photographer]

Pure sleepy sweetness, all snugged up after her bath and almost ready for bed.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 19 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula childrens photography]

They did all have horns, but by the time I got a decent pic (ie, one with all of them in it, and no *boy bits* (what is it with boys??), the horns had kinda collapsed.

Day 18 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula family photography]

He just A.D.O.R.E.S her. He so badly wanted a baby sister. He lights up every time he sees her. He would do anything to make her happy and keep her safe. She's one lucky little girl :)

Oh, and she adores him right back.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 17 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula Child photographer]

I found her just having a quiet little play in her bedroom.

Day 16 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula family photographer]

Messing up mummy's bed... again. But who could get mad with those little faces :)

Day 15 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula baby photography]

Very occasionally she takes interest in the mobile hanging over her change table.

Day 14 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula baby photographer]

Helping mummy with the washing. She loves to ride back to the house in the clothes basket, just like her brothers did.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 13 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula childrens photography]

today really needs both photos to explain. She's discovered Peek-A-Boo and does it constantly. She has the most radiant smile, and is such a smiley girl in general. Pure delight this one :)

Day 12 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula child photography]

Amelia loves her little pram/walker that Santa left for her. She's suddenly found a little independence and has just taken off. A month or so ago she was only just rolling and all of a sudden she's crawling at lightning speed, climbing everything in sight and cruising around the furniture. She's not quite walking with this walker, but I dare say she's not far off it.

Day 11 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula baby photographer]

Amelia was 8 days old when she was diagnosed with Neonatal Supraventricular Tachycardia. Every day at 8am and 8pm she has heart medication, and every time we change her nappy we check her heart rate. We continue to hope and pray that she will grow out of it, but in the mean time, we manage it, and will continue to do so, with the wonderful care of her cardiologist at Royal Childrens.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 10 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula child photographer]

I missed you while you were gone xx

Day 9 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula baby photographer]

New shoes!! I've always had a bit of a thing for shoes. Once I had the boys I developed a love for little shoes. Cute little boots, spunky converse oh and could go on and on. But after having Amelia, that 'thing' for shoes has turned into more of an obsession. I'd hate to think how many pairs of shoes that girls has!! So I was in my element when I found out Czarque was running a competition to be a reviewer of their baby shoes. And I WON!! Gosh it was hard to choose a colour, but after going around and around in circles over red, black, ballet pink, pink suede or white, I finally settled on the white... but I'll be going back for more. They arrived today and I'm so impressed with them. They are so, so beautiful. So well made, really comfy and good for her cute little footsies, and Aussie made. The suede is lovely and grippy which is fantastic now that she's on the move. They're just perfect. Thanks so much Anne :)

Day 8 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula child photography]

They're baaaaack!! Brett, Liam, Ethan and Poppy went for a little holiday to Omeo for a few days to see Poppy's brother. They stayed on the farm, rode motor bikes, went for a plane ride, explored a lot and bought home a million treasures - everthing from rocks to bullet casings and a heap of bones, the most exciting of all goat skulls. Boys huh. At least they had a wonderful time. Very glad to have my chickens back under my wings. As much as the peace and quiet was nice for a few days, Millie and I did miss them so very much.