Thursday, February 04, 2010

Day 27 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula baby photographer]

Amelia is crazy easy. Seriously easy. Just like her brothers. She is ALWAYS happy, ALWAYS smiley. Anyone walks in the room and she smiles. She'll happily be handed around to anyone. She'll sleep where ever we happen to be when she needs to sleep, and she'll eat what ever is going. She has 8 teeth already, and we would hardly notice that she had been teething. She went to bed one night, and woke up the next day with a tooth. BUT... she's cutting her molars and eye teeth all together and just like her brothers did, she's struggling with it. The past few nights she's gone down to bed at 7.30pm, but by 10.30 she's back up again, inconsolable. No amount of patting, rocking, feeding or anything else I could think of tonight was going to help. So, exhausted myself I handed her over to Daddy. And at least for tonight, it seems he had the magic touch. About 5mins after him taking over he called me out to the lounge, where I was greeted with this site. Exhausted, out cold, curled up half on the floor and half on a couch cushion the boys had thrown off the couch. Surrounded by the mayhem that is my loungeroom floor of an evening, there she lay. Utterly relaxed and so peaceful. And once again, my heart melted.

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