Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 9 [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula baby photographer]

New shoes!! I've always had a bit of a thing for shoes. Once I had the boys I developed a love for little shoes. Cute little boots, spunky converse oh and could go on and on. But after having Amelia, that 'thing' for shoes has turned into more of an obsession. I'd hate to think how many pairs of shoes that girls has!! So I was in my element when I found out Czarque was running a competition to be a reviewer of their baby shoes. And I WON!! Gosh it was hard to choose a colour, but after going around and around in circles over red, black, ballet pink, pink suede or white, I finally settled on the white... but I'll be going back for more. They arrived today and I'm so impressed with them. They are so, so beautiful. So well made, really comfy and good for her cute little footsies, and Aussie made. The suede is lovely and grippy which is fantastic now that she's on the move. They're just perfect. Thanks so much Anne :)


Kristy Bradford said...

Oh lordy how adorable are those shoes! Even better they were FREE!!! I must admit I'm the same with Ash. Sooo many cute shoes for little girls!

Jen Stocks said...

Oh so sweet! What a great perspective!