Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still here... | Mornington childrens photographer

So where have I been? Just here, balancing the mummy and photographer thing as best as I can :)

August is a crazy month around here. We've had so many birthday parties (seriously FIVE the past weekend), plus Amelia's dedication. There's been school things on, everyone's been sick so I had to be a mum first again, and updates here got put to the back of the to-do list. :) Anyway, we still have a few more birthday parties to get to over the next two weeks, but it's all fun, fun, fun.

I also have had lots of deliveries of yummy, yummy things including albums. I've never shared photos of the gorgeous albums I use. They're all custom made for my gorgeous clients and they are just delish. Seriously (insert another word besides gorgous here LOL), and amazing quality. Swoon, swoon, I just love them. I'll take some photos tomorrow and share before they go out to their excited owners. But organising all of that has taken up a fair bit of time too.

I've also been organising photos to update around our house... seeing as there's a new little person in the family, what better reason for new photos hey. I love decorating with photos and creating galleries of gorgous shots that visitors as well as ourselves love to look at.

So here's a few designs of the latest updates:
These will go above our TV unit (obviously)
These will go in our bedroom. I get to lay my eyes on my gorgeous kiddos first thing every morning. Reminds me how lucky I am every day - awwww.

Miss Millie's own little gallery in her bedroom. I love this one, and just ordered the frames today so can't wait for them to arrive.

And this last one is still waiting of photos to put in it. I have ideas, I just need Melbourne's weather to co-operate with me now.

And then I still need to do the family room, boys room, enterence hall, studio, office and viewing room. Hmm I felt like I was making a dint in the list until I just typed that out LOL.
What do you think. Like them?
And upcomming this week - Jay, Toby and Julijana


Leonna said...

My god Katie how did you even do the little fake room scenes, if I didn't know better I'd say you had too much time on your hands, lol. Your walls are just going to look amazing. Love them!!

Nat said...

They are going to look just gorgeous Katie!!

Christine said...

Wow, these look AWESOME! Inspires me to get some pictures printed! :) Great layouts too... I don't seem to have an eye for this sort of thing.

Kate Vale said...

It is so good to see your pictures are coming off the hard drive and making it to print.