Thursday, November 26, 2009

Slippery little suckers | Mornington Peninsula baby photographer

I can hardly believe Amelia is 10 months old now! Where oh where has the time gone. She's doing really well, her heart medication is working beautifully (we have another checkup at Royal Childrens next week). She's a cruisy happy little thing. Not much bothers her. She's just started to 'growl' if someone takes something off her and it's the funniest thing to hear this placid little baby explode with this primal growl LOL. It stops us all in our tracks. She's rolling everywhere, comando crawling and almost sitting up without toppling over unexpectidly. After taking a loooooong time to warm to solids she's finally loving them, but she has decided to give up on a bottle, which is a bit of a pain. She just wants to breastfeed, so being a working mum takes a little juggling, but I'm lucking I have a fabulous hubby who takes everything in his stride :) She has 5 teeth (3 top, 2 bottom) and she's weighing in at 7.5kg. She's just a little dot, but that's to be expected after her early start to life. To sum it up, she's doing wonderfully.
So some pics to celebrate Miss Millie's 10mths - chasing banana around her highchair tray until she finally managed to grab those slippery little suckers and chomp them up. Yum yum.

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Cass said...

What a super cutie!