Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Charlie [Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula child photography]

The first time I met Charlie, she was a tiny, tiny little bundle, just a few weeks old. I still remember being struck by Kate's way with her. She was so, so loved and cherished. It was so obvious she was such a long awaited dream for her parents. She had the biggest blue eyes and creamy skin back then, and not much has changed there - just the addition of delicious golden curls. Each year Kate and Shane have bought Charlie back to me for her photos, and I always remember because it's always the same weekend as Liam's birthday. I just love watching these babies grow up, and capturing their growing personalities each year. This year (well last year now - I'm still catching up!) that weekend came and went, and I actually did think, perhaps they're not coming this year LOL But alas, amongst the pre Christmas chaos that swamps everyone I got an email from Kate, for Charlie's photos. And I'm ever so glad.

Kate and Shane, you have the most beautiful little girl. Thank you for choosing me to capture her gorgeousness year after year, it really is a privilege and a joy xx


fiona carson said...

what a little cutie! It must be lovely seeing your clients grow up like that, Katie!

Renee Bell said...

she is gorgeous Katie and GREAT photos. Love repeat clients - it is so exciting to see the kids growing up!!

Melanie Birt said...

What a cutie... love the pose on the last shot! What a great way to document each year that goes by, and let's face it they go far too quickly!

Liz M said...

What a little sweetheart. Lovely shots. Love the one with the bubbles.
So great you get to see her growing each year :)